A great way to discover and climb Mt Barney is to stay at Tuckeroo Cottages self contained accommodation. Relax on your verandah and take in this iconic mountain - the view from your cottage accommodation will take your breath away.

Mount Barney is part of south-east Queensland's Scenic Rim national parks that have been included in Australia's Green Cauldron, one of Australia's eight iconic destinations identified by Tourism Australia.

Mount Barney and other peaks in the region hold special spiritual connections for people of the Mununjali, Githabul and Yugambeh nations. It's a sacred place that will always remain significant to these people. It is also a land where they learnt to track and hunt, to gather the fruits of the bush, and to make use of what nature offered so they could find shelter and warmth, and fashion implements they needed for every day life.


Mununjali people pass on the story of a jealous greedy uncle and his nephew who was next in line to be in charge of his people. The uncle took the nephew up the mountain and told him to explore one of the caves. While he was in the cave, the uncle lit a fire in the tunnel, thinking the nephew would not be able to escape - but he did, through another cave. He came back around the mountain and made another fire at it's entrance, trapping the uncle who died. The elders put a curse on the mountain and forbade their people to climb, because the uncle had died through his own greed. - Courtesy & Copyright J & L Daly.

To some, Mount Barney is known as Buga Bugart meaning 'back a bit further' because it's behind the other large mountains. Mount Ernest is Didardigan where witches practice magic. Until European settlement, several groups would gather every few years to socialise feast and have corroborees around the bora ring at the bottom of Mount Ernest. The mountains feature in many Dreaming stories that tell of the Aboriginal people's respect for the land and lessons they can learn. Many groups are forbidden to climb Mount Barney.

In 1980 17,660 hectares were grouped together to be known as the Mount Barney National Park. Three of the six highest peaks and 10 of the 24 highest peaks in south-east Queensland are contained within the park. Most of the park was World Heritage listed in 1994, and is now part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. Find out more in the second edition of Take a Walk in South-East Queensland by authors John & Lyn Daly.

During late winter and early spring, the wildflowers are in full bloom on Mount Maroon. On a clear day the view extends east towards the Lamington Plateau and the cleared section below Green Mountains can be seen. Take in the view of Tuckeroo Cottages & Gardens' superb accommodation location.

Iconic Mount Barney is the central feature of this rugged, mountainous park. At 1359 metres above sea level Mount Barney's West Peak is the second highest and most significant peak in south-east Queensland.

Climbing Mount Barney

Those intending to climb Mount Barney will need to set off early in the morning. It's a short drive from your accommodation at Tuckeroo Cottages to the start of the climb.

Mount Barney's East Peak is the most popular climb. At 1351 metres above sea level it's over 1000 metres climb from the base at Yellow Pinch.

It is strongly recommended you seek expert advice and take a topographic map, compass, GPS unit, plenty of water, warm clothing etc. The appropriate skills required to climb a mountain of such magnitude are essential.

For further information, contact Queensland Parks and Wildlife service on 07 5463 5041 or visit

Excerpts have been obtained from the second edition of Take a Walk in South-East Queensland by authors John and Lyn Daly. This book contains detailed information about climbing Mt Barney. Check out their website for a copy of the latest edition or purchase your copy when you stay at Tuckeroo Cottages & Gardens accommodation.

Horizon Guides, based nearby in Boonah, provide a guided walks service.

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