Tuckeroo Cottages have an absolutely stunning grandstand view of Mount Maroon.

Sunrise on Mount Maroon is especially spectacular.

From the first pale light of dawn, the morning sunlight first touches the tops of the mountain then slowly makes its way down the mountain side until it reaches Tuckeroo Cottages, changing hue as each minute passes.

Tuckeroo Cottages provides the ideal self contained accommodation for you to discover Mount Maroon.

Climbing Mount Maroon

The more adventurous might like to climb Mount Maroon and take in the spectacular view. Map Courtesy & Copyright J & L Daly.

It's a short drive from your accommodation at Tuckeroo Cottages to the start of the climb.

Mount Maroon is 967 metres above sea level, and a climb of about 600 metres from your car. A good level of fitness is required.

Although not as challenging a climb as Mount Barney, it is recommended that you seek further information before climbing Mount Maroon.

For further information, contact Queensland Parks and Wildlife service on 07 5463 5041 or visit

Excerpts have been obtained from the second edition of Take a Walk in South-East Queensland by authors John and Lyn Daly. This book contains detailed information about climbing Mt Maroon. Check out their website for a copy of the latest edition, or purchase your copy when you stay at Tuckeroo Cottages & Gardens.

Horizon Guides, based nearby in Boonah, provide a guided walks service.

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